Sunday, June 6, 2010

That ole puddy cat had an eye out for my girls. - The cat that wanted some chicken.

A little bit ago, the girls were out for their daily graze, when along came a "wise" ole puddy cat that thought that he/she might try some luck at catching a few larger sized birds. Ah ha.
Well, the girls cautiously ignored that puddy TAT and went about their business retrieving their daily supply of worms/grub.
So after a while, and perhaps after loosing faith, that puddy TAT set his/her eyes on perhaps a rabbit or some other curious interest out in the thickets.
The above photo clearly shows that the girls clearly was not afraid of the TAT/cat.
The moral of the story is: pick on someone who is afraid of you, or worms are more important than fear. LOL
Rhodie is picking fresh grass above.
After the worm/grub findings, the girls bathed, ramshacked my landscaping,
...and then conversed about that awesome partial semi cirle above them.
Hmmmnnn, could that be the moon, or a UFO !!!


  1. You have some fierce hens!....ufo....

  2. Yeah Rose, it's amazing how they duck and run for the bushes at the moment any large bird, (hawk etc.) flies over. Guess the cat was just no big deal to them-or the worms were worth the gamble.