Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's a Puppy Dog World

Approximately  51  x  40 1/2  inches wide
(This is a crib, throw, wheelchair, wall-hanging or lap size.)
(Click on quilt top above, to go to the selling page for more details, and to buy if you'd like to.)
...and when it's a quilt, it can, also, keep you warm.
I made this lovely Single Irish Chain quilt top, with good quality NEW cotton fabrics.

Who let the dogs out???  >>ROOF. ROOF.

The inner border is a chocolate brown color.

In addition to dogs and puppies, you'll find ducks, flowers, butterflies, ponds and perhaps a bit more.

If this size is too small for your need, there is a host of colors on this quilt top; therefore, you can have fun finding a matching fabric and enlarging this to the desired size.

Thanks for looking. I welcome your comments.

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