Monday, February 20, 2017

🍌😊🍌😊🍌 Grannys' Chocolate Moonpies ~ Retro Floral Patchwork ~Throw Lap~ Blocks Quilt Top
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Apprx.  59  x  45 1/2 inches wide and long.
This is a beautiful NEW   Grannys Chocolate Moonpies, Retro-Look,  Floral Patchwork, themed cotton quilt top that I made. Lots of delicious moonpies amongst the beautiful retro-look floral leafy fabrics. 

+++ Did you love moonpies as a child?  Do you still love moonpies?    What's your favorite: Chocolate or Banana 🍌flavor???   +++

+++ Love the way that I combined these three beautiful prints, for such a unique and retro look.

Just have a MOONPIE right now.

Loving the combination of these three prints.

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