Monday, June 12, 2017

LADYBUGS in the Log Cabin

Yellow Red White Black

Throw Lap Wallhanging Quilt Top

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Ladybugs quilt top
Apprx.  57  x 46  inches
(Excuse the sun shining through in some of these photos. The fabric is good quality, and new)

This is a MOST beautiful NEW LADYBUGS in the Log Cabin, themed  Log Cabin Quilt Top that I made. 
+++There are two different ladybugs fabrics in this quilt top.
 Make this a family heirloom. Use it throughout the year. Great for a wall, lap, wall-hanging quilt. 

+++Extend it if you'd like.  This is the top only.  You add batting, backing and your  favorite quilting designs.
(This lovely quilt top, and all of my items are made by me, and sewn with the utmost in care, though all seams may not perfectly match.)
Fabric are pre-washed, pre-shrunk.  Fabrics are good quality 100% cotton fabrics. 

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