Sunday, March 7, 2010

How about OMELET !! This egg was laid just FIVE MINUTES ago

Well, it was at the time of the photo taking; and it was laid by Ms. Fancy on Saturday March 6, 2010 in the afternoon. (all of these photos were taken today) I noticed her missing from the crew, then went searching for her. 

 I found the lady sitting at ease on the nest. I then kinda stood close by waiting for her to "give birth". 

Fancy, the white chicken, had a few drinks of water immediately after the delivery.

 When the new delivery arrived, I rushed inside and came out with the camera all loaded to shoot.

After "giving birth", Ms Fancy rejoined the rest of the crew, well except for Rhodie.

Rhodie was in a world of her own, hunting for worms and other great delicacies.

She looked up after I called her.
I love comments, so jump right in here. Who knows, one day I might have an OMELET giveaway. My chicken love being free range.


  1. What awesome shots and I'll be over for breakfast :)

  2. So the chickens respond to you when they call your name?

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  4. Awesome...fresh eggs!

  5. Score!No need to color that one for Easter. Wish I could have some chickens too. Yours are beautiful.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Can't believe I haven't updated my blog in nearly a month. Time is just passing too fast. Thanks for your wonderful comments.

    LOL Rose, yep, they really do respond when I call them, and sometimes to their names.(Well, seemingly)(maybe I've just gone to the chickens)