Sunday, April 4, 2010

We really did have SNOW in the Southeast USA this year. Great photos

These photos are late, but great.

I've been busy trying to get a lot of my raw yarn made into fantastic wearable big rasta hats, so that my yarn supply is mostly depleted by the end of the year.

These photos were taken on Feb. 12, 2010; but I'm just getting around to posting them. Enjoy them. 

 Perhaps they will give you a cool feeling amidst these rising spring/summer temperatures.
I can't remember how many inches we had, but it stuck on the tree limbs.

My back yard enjoyed the winter wonderland.

Only one of the chicken dared venture out into the "whiteness". The others took a look, said NO THANKS, and turned around. This girl is obviously tasting the snow. (Can't remember her reaction to it)

I hope that all of the cold weather killed most of the mosquitos.

My wonderful landscaping went to the snow.

I'm not sure of how the Yucca plants, tropical plants, felt about all of the snow. I did notice that several of them fell over.
Bon appetite/snow photos.


  1. Brave chicken :) These snow shots are amazing.

  2. Wow that was a lot of snow. I actually saw snow on a mountain that's pretty close by here...I was amazed!

  3. I love the Yucca in the snow. Great photo!

  4. Thanks for your nice comments. I've been awol for a while. Will be updating much more now. Please continue to drop in and comment.I lvoe reading them.