Saturday, July 24, 2010

My country VEGETABLE garden Part 2

Boy, did the week go by fast.  My original plan was to add this part 2 a few days later than the part 1 post. Guess I'd better become faster, or something.  It appears that a VAMPIRE took a bit out of this tomato.  Never mind, he has since ripened. Part is in my stomach; and the other part is in the refrigerator.  I cut the vampire area away. (couldn't let a fresh garden tomato go to waste). Will post photos of this tomato in its ripened stage in a later post.
The rain has really helped the garden the past few days.
The barren area above is where the eggplant and a few others did not grow.
I love the look of this little tomato.
For those not familiar with chicken life, when they emit a fresh lose pile, the flies see it as dessert.
I hated using fertilizer, and only applied one application.
Oh, no I don't put grape juice in my garden. Guess what's in that jug ???

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  1. When I lived in Ohio I had a garden, the first year when I tried to grow tomatoes....they got tomato blight....I was devastated. But the following year I had bushels!