Saturday, July 3, 2010

Story of the LEMON TREE and the ants.

My lemon tree before the dirt transplant.
Oooh. I don't like ants on my plants. A while back, I noticed an increasing number of ants on, in, and around my lemon plant; therefore, I had to take action. This plant was grown from a single lemon seed that I pushed into the soil; having no idea that a plant would actually grow from it.
Ants were on the leaves.
Ants were on the stem.
After removing from bucket, and before the ants dirt was shaken out.
Can you see the ants?
The anty dirt is back on the earth for remixing with "old soil".
With most of the ants shaken out, the plant is laying on the ground, waiting to be planted.
Freshy planted in "new dirt".
A young plant. Yet so many thorns.
I couldn't resist pinching a leaf just to smell that vibrant lemon fragrance.
...and this is the dirt pit that was left after I dug the dirt for the lemon tree.


  1. They can be pesky little buggers. Glad you got it re-planted. I bet it smells glorious.

  2. Yes, and it has grown a lot since I replanted it. Perhaps, I should post an updated photo soon.

  3. Do lemon trees grow there? We have two. They produce lemons in January.

  4. Hey Rose. As a youngster, there was a big lemon tree with lots of lemons outside our enclosed garden. Grandparents always told us not to eat them, because they weren't "good". Wish that I could turn back time and try one.(maybe)But then I might not be here now. LOL
    I don't know what could have been wrong with them.

    I want to put this one in the ground, but is afraid that it might not survive winter outside, especially one like this past year. I put it in the basement during the winter months.

  5. Oh, congrats on your lemon trees Rose. I'll bet they are fresh and delicious. That's such an asset.