Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new Hand Quilting Frame / Hoop Stand

I usually handquilt with the "quilt sandwich" placed on my lap. Suddenly, it hit me a few days ago to go and purchase a quilting frame/stand for a, perhaps easier job.
 I love to handquilt; and after all these years, my brain just, out of the blue, realized that I needed a frame/stand.   I don't have enough room to accommodate the large frame type that would fill an entire room like what my grandmother used to use. I still have very vivid images of hers, and my little self sitting there rocking the needle with her, the grown up.
This frame is very adjustable.

  • By the way, I took a screwdriver and put all of those sticks and screws together. It was very scarry at first, and my immediate thought was that I would never be able to do it, and that I should just put it aside until I could get hold of my ex-husband, but then...
...the DIVA in me took control, and I realized that I did NOT want to wait for a chance to catch him; and that I would want to throw something on the hoop and give it a workout within the  next few days..., I put my smart DIVA brains into action, studied the assembly guide, and , after a few trials and errors, I had the new toy all together. WHOOLA !!!

As shown in the photo above, the hoop size is 18 inches.
Luckily, my brains realized the need for a new toy on a week that Hobby Lobby was offering a 40% off coupon; therefore...
...I printed a coupon; jogged/drove on down to the famous craft store, and picked up the only one that was left. (yes, I did call first to make sure that I could use the coupon, and to know if they had any in stock)
So 99.99 minus 40.00 equals....hmmnnn, you do the math. Did I save a bunch or what???

Yes, by looking at the photo on the box, I was concerned, that the stand might be weak, wobbly and flimsy; and asked the cashier about their return policy just in case. To my surprise, the stand by itself is very structured and strong. Will let you know how it goes when I land my first quilt sandwich in its hoop.


  1. Congrats on the new frame and for putting it together yourself.....can't wait to see pics of the quilts!

  2. I finally have a guilt going on the frame in this post. I'm making it for my granddaughter. I hope that she will love it.