Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guess what HEALTHY FOODS I cooked for Dinner Yesterday !!!

Last night lil ole me got into the baking mood again. This time it was baked yellow apples, and a Tilapia, Cauliflower casserole.
I tasted one of the raw apples from the bag, and was surprised at how sweet they naturally were.
In an effort to continue to respect my waist, I added very little sugar to these. The cinnamon and allspice made them taste "just right".

I made brown rice to go along with the cauliflower.

Did you notice the green onions and cilantro here? Oh boy!!! Good eating indeed.
Are you able to sight the white fish amongst the white cauliflower?? It's there, I promise.

Fresh frozen RAW Tilapia, still bagged.

The backside of the SAME piece of fish.

I think that mine did, after being cooked, have a strong resemblance to the piece on the bag. (does that mean that I'm a good cook?)
I have seen and purchased fresh Tilapia from the Farmer's Market.(still in the skin, guts, etc) The filets shown here are just easier to deal with if your mind is on quilting, sewing, knitting and crochet, and you just want to get dinner finished as fast as possible.(I would rather be crafting, for the most part)

That's my fish story. I hope that you enjoyed it.


  1. Your dinners look so yummy.It feels like I am right there ready to have a meal.Keep up the blogging!The Diva of Cooking and Craft.

  2. Thanks Lee for your kind comments. Who knows, perhaps one day you'll get to taste some of my cooking. I enjoy it sometimes, but crafting leads. LOL