Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Snowed Here On December 25, 2010

First, I would like to know WHO bribed the weatherman, in order to get SNOW on Dec. 25 ??
There were light flurries sticking in some spots when I got up this morning. (Oops, I didn't get up until 12:44)

By mid afternoon the ground was about totally covered.

My beautiful summer flowers have withered away.

Yep, that's the same limb that the LITTLE SQUIRREL sat on. (See photo of him on left side of this blog)

Are those chicken footprints??? Hmmnn You might have to be from the farm to answer that question.

The YUCCA enjoyed the snow, I think.

The above photo kinda resemble the moons' surface, doesn't it ??

See the squirrel nest in the above photo.

Me thinks that my farm equipment kinda got snowed under.

There's even snow in the chickens fenced area. They took one look outside, saw the white stuff and wouldn't step a foot outside.(they remained in the basement ALL DAY.

It's good that I didn't consider putting clothes outside to dry on the clothesline today.
Those are okra stalks still standing in the snow.

Hedges meet SNOW.
Yucca & Hedges meet SNOW.

Notice how the SNOW sticks on only ONE side of this tree; and collects atop the pole. Interesting weather phenomenon.
Can I get some applause please?? I posted these photos on the same day that they were taken. (an extremely rare event for me) ( All taken on Dec. 25, 2010)


  1. Ahhh the wonder of snow! How nice that it was there for Christmas. We didn't get any snow here...only rain!

  2. Hey Rose. The snow, according to the weatherfolk, hadn't happened on Dec 25th since the 1800's.

    Somehow,it just doesn't seem true that it hasn't happened since that long.(not that I was on the planet in the 1800's, to my recollection. LOL)