Monday, April 4, 2011

I've Gone CRAZY with HAND Embroidery

Notice the french knots in process.
Off and on, the past couple of months, I decided to sharpen up my embroidery skills.

Went crazy and ordered over 1,500 embroidery floss skeins.(as though I didn't have enough already.)

Being that those skeins will embellish most of  my  many upcoming future designs, the floss will not sit and collect cobwebs.
Most of these I drew freehand. The above piece is part of the teams' SUNNY project.

Notice the handmade yo-yo sun.
I finally embellished a  few crazy blocks that had been sitting around for a while.

There is a small amount of machine embroidery on a some of the blocks.

Can you see the embroidered watermelon in the photo above?? Yes, that IS a watermelon.LOL 

 I really did freehand dras the star and the tulip below.
 Are you able to see the tiny black beads accenting the red zeroes below?
 This flower below will become the center of a pocket in an upcoming project.

 The flower below will have an appliqued POT. This was my first idea for our SUNNY PROJECT, but then I changed my mind. (a girl can change her mind. I was planning to applique a sun above the flowers.)
 I freehand drew ALL of the flowers, and then did HAND EMBROIDERY. (can't you tell?)
 Beaded tulip below.
 The cat and fish. Such a catch. Will the cat have such luck? 

 Another crazy that I finally finished.

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  1. Wow it looks like you had a lot of fun! love all of your creations