Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Mommie To Be Who Wouldn't Give Up

It began with a nest that remained empty for weeks; that should have been filled with eggs for certain.

My curiousity just couldn't remain complacent any longer; therefore, I decided to do a search inside of the henhouse, so to know whether or not they had chosen a new  "nest".  After getting on my knees, and taking a peek underneath  a normally empty and tiny little rain hideaway, for certain, my wonderous question was answered.

I found my three year old hen chicken, Queen,  sitting on more eggs than I had imagined.

For some reason, the girls had abandoned their real nest, for a new "crib". 

There were nearly two dozen eggs in total disarray; and, that Queen had claimed as her own. (I have three laying hens)

There were so many eggs in the new nest that they were spilling from the side of their home.
The problem here is that that is no rooster to fertilize the eggs that my chickens lay; therefore, the eggs cannot hatch.

However, after three weeks, Queen did become a NEW MOM anyway.
She is now the proud new mom of two new babies; and, without the help of a rooster.
(Stay tuned for the conclusion of this CHICKEN story)

What a great way to update my blog; after a year of abandonment.

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