Sunday, January 6, 2013

How 'Bout Some Chicken Soup ??


Oh how I realize that my blog has been so neglected the past months. Well, my New Year's resolution is to do something about that.
It all began with Chicken Soup. (I'm so tempted to use hashtags preceding prominent words. Guess I've been spending too much time on TWITTER lately).

As, Chicken Soup is a handy concoction to have around the house during the Winter months especially, the wise idea occured to me to make a potful a few days ago.
Wanting to make sure that enough soup would be available for the next couple of days, and, me not wanting to have to cook again so soon, I grabbed the largest boiler available, and then proceeded to make Chicken Soup. (there went that desire again to use a #).

Now, I know that the number of photos posted here is not necessary to demonstrate SOUP, but enjoy.
Can you identify the root shown here?
Clue: It's used daily, in its powdered form, in most Asian Indian dishes.

My ex-husband, who is Asian Indian, introduced me to the root/spice.

 How about that "cornbread"?

The "cornbread" is really not cornbread.

You guessed it.
  It's really Soji, another fine Indian  product.

I sometimes use cornmeal; but, much prefer cream of wheat, or soji for my cornbread fulfillment.
I used an entire fully grown chicken. (I won't think about the possible chemically enhanced foods that the poor girl might have ingested, thus, traces of which might have been transferred to me). Though I do have a few chickens, they are pets, and not for consumption, though we did raise and consume chickens back in the farm days.

Notice the chunks of White Potatoes.
The only ingredient missing from the soup is, Cilantro. I absolutely love Cilantro; however, the last bunch had withered beyond human consumption decency, and wasn't usable. Aahh.

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