Thursday, February 28, 2013

To Capture a REDBIRD known as a CARDINAL

I had never realized how difficult it was to capture a photo of a Redbird/Cardinal until a few days ago, after a great Aussie buddy mentioned never having seen a redbird in person.

I had to think about it, but was pretty sure that I'd seen the little critters many times, in the trees, and on the ground of my property.

Questioning my own eyes, I then made it a point to be on the watch-out for REDBIRDS, male and female. (as though I can discern the difference)

Look closely and you'll notice the yellow and black beak trademark of Cardinals.

Seeing these beautiful creatures, and photographing them proved to be a different subject; for, they would always fly away before I could get my camera.

It happened while digging in my garden yesterday. [I had the camera outside, in anticipation of photo-ing preparations that I'd begun towards my upcoming vegetable garden] I heard a lot of BIRD-CHATTER, looked up, and there was a Cardinal amongst the crew. You betcha, he/she flew from tree to tree, limb to limb, as though he/she knew that the camera was focused on it. It took patience from me, waiting, and moving from one angle to another just to get these photos.  Finally, it remained still long enough for ME-Yeah Right!!

You'll probably notice that it was constantly moving from one pose to another. (perhaps he/she decided to pose for my camera afterall, just as a fashion model does, displaying varying angles).
Oops, the electric-wire decided to get in the photo as well!!

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