Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Rainy, Knitting, Sewing Saturday.

(Click on the photo above to see more photos and to view/buy this lovely handmade tote bag)
Today was ANOTHER great day for doing what I love most-CRAFTS.

Proof that is rained is shown on the leaves and branches in my yard.

Todays' raindrops/dollops on the leaf above.

Above is a strippy scrappy country themed tote that is in the works. I added some machine embroidery on some of the strips.

I actually knitted this purse today. (I hope to get it sewn up and embellished before the end of the year)

The above piece on the top will be a wristlet. I have wristlets for sale. Click on the photo to see some of them.  I love making yo-yo's. They are so simple, and can be done almost anywhere,anytime.

The captions speaks for themselves on these two.

I did get the tote below listed on Etsy this week. Woo Hoo
(click on the photo to see more photos and to view/buy this lovely handmade tote bag) 

 I loved doing the raw hand applique / top stitching on these leaves.

More proof that it rained today.

 Another yo-yo applique tote in the making.
 Applique is so easy, and so fun.
Love the batik fabric strip in there.

Everything is better with applique.

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