Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My BEST helpers.

My Vegetable Garden 2013 (Part 1)

I kept my word this year, and really did begin my garden in early March. Everything is planted from seeds except for the

and the red onions.
The red cabbage survived the 110+ temperatures of last Summer; and this past Winter.

One of the plots

The Turnips and Arugula had popped through the soil after only FOUR days.

Below is the first plot that I began. I originally made it circular, but later squared it.

Of course, the girls, chickens, were always helpful.
 The two lower plots.
In the meantime, the pears, peaches and plums were developing.

 The upper three plots.
Red onion after a week or so.
Sweet pea.
 I could no longer resist the broccoli. I made Broccoli Rabe with the leaves.
 I made Broccoli Rabe with the leaves.
Arugula and turnips.

 Beets or Swiss Chard

 Arugula (close-up)
Stay tuned...... There is more to come. Please feel free to comment.


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  2. Hello my friend, you got great friends in the garden ... Awesome :)