Sunday, November 3, 2013

A few Health Food Goodies; and more of my Summer 2013 Garden

I know that it has been too long again since I've updated my blog; so, here I go.
While out shopping this past Summer 2013, I became thirsty, wandered into a nearby Health Food Store to find many cans of Coconut water chilling on ice.  At that moment, I couldn't remember ever having tasted coconut water, so I thought I'd give it a try. Yikes, the taste was despicable; but I almost immediately noticed that I became very energized. (I ended up returning in a few days, and buying a CASE of the stuff)  It's an acquired taste, for sure.

You'll never be able to accuse me of not being HEALTH CONSCIOUS. (ok. I do eat junk sometimes as well)
Recently, I loaded up on a variety of  recommended healthy goodies.  I'd never heard of  "jaggery" before a nice Indian buddy recommended it. Upon entering a local Arab/Indian store, I couldn't remember the name of the product, asked the clerk for "Faggery", of which he politely corrected me that the name is actually "jaggery". I made the purchase, but is still waiting for the opportunity to use it. (I think that I'll use it in cinnamon rolls in a couple of weeks)

The above photo shows damage done to my much loved broccoli, by my trusted three chickens. (oh, you don't see the worse part of the damage)

I'll admit that my gardening experience this 2013 summer is about the worse I've ever experienced. Though some of the vegetables did grow well, the majority was re-planted several times, with little success. (guessing the vegetable Gods were rather relaxed this past planting season; perhaps they spent too much time fishing, for which I can't blame them for, for I love to fish myself, BUT, someone has to tend the garden, LOL).

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