Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The HOLE with no bottom - The bottomless pit.

I discovered this hole in my back yard a few months ago. After a while, I decided to test the depthness just out of curiousity. I took the water hose and poured water into the the hole for about five minutes, and the hole never filled. I looked around nearby for a possible exit, but never found one. Therefore, my only conclusion is that the hole is extremely deep. I wonder whether it was dug by a chipmunk or what type wiseguy creature!!

I'm baffled. My grandson, also, tried filling the hole. No luck.  Therefore, it has been deemed "the hole with no bottom".


  1. not only is it the hole with no bottom...but with a creature that obviously doesn't mind water...bizarre...please let us know if you ever find out what made it!!

  2. "doesn't mind water". So true. I hadn't thought about that. Should I ever realize the culprit, I will be sure to make everyone aware.
    Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. You gotta think somewhere in China people are standing around a hole shouting "Look! Water! Water from the mystery hole."

    Of course it would be in Chinese.

  4. At our other house we had holes like that in our backyard...around our citrus trees. So when I first began watering them...I couldn't figure out why they needed so much water. Well, it was gophers and they had tunnels that went on water ever came up any place I could see...and they would just scurry to another area of their tunnels. It was almost futile to water the Citrus...since it would just end up someplace else.

  5. Wow, I hope you didn't drown some unsuspecting creatures!

  6. We've got one of these never ending holes. In fact we have several places in our yard that sink. I find them with the lawnmower! Better than breaking my ankle, I guess. Been there, done that!
    How are the chickens?

  7. Wow Rose, a very interesting story. I'm surprised that so many people have yard hole stories.

    Marlaine, whatever it is has to deal with the rain, so unless they just don't like city water.

    Dotty, wow. Thank goodness your lawn mower find the holes first. The chicken are fine-still wrecking havoc on my landscaping whenever possible. Had to discourage them several times today alone.