Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ms. Laetoli is now a new "mom"

Now Ms. Laetoli, the smallest of my six hens have become an egg mom. It happened Oct. 27, 2009, but her mom, me, became addicted to Twitter and didn't update this blog properly.

Laetoli is a South American breed that is known for laying colorful olive, or blue toned eggs. She's Americuana.

When I found the egg in the nest, I knew that it had to be Laetoli's because of its white but blue green tent.

Below she seeks food, worms.

We will always remember that she began laying in the FALL, because of the leaves.

Laetoli and Fancy have a new mom talk here. See, Fancy had laid her first egg the day before.

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  1. congrats laetoli! what a pretty hen, what breed is she?