Sunday, November 8, 2009

Speaking of UFO's. I have many to finish

This will be a beautiful clutch. Notice my handstitching in red and green floss.

Here is just a small number of the UnFinished projects that I have lingering around my sewing room.

The pin, needle and thread is still in this one.

If I were to photo them all. I'd be taking and posting pictures for quite a few days.

So take a look at what I plan to bring to fruition in the very near future. I promise. Come hell or high water.

Notice that most of these, have zippers.

The above project is a pretty pink and purple purse that needs the lining, strap and pockets inside.

Did you notice that most clutches have the retro yo yo's that I made.

The above one has some machine embroidery.

I think that this one will be cute once finished.

A beautiful red handknitted purse. Has to be lined and straps added.

WHEW!! I'll be glad to get these finished and listed for your buying pleasure.
So now you see SOME OF what I've been up to. There's plenty more to finish.

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