Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chaka lays her first egg

Chaka stands near my okra in the garden.

Chaka is no longer into terrifying bags, she is now the mom of her first egg. I noticed that she constantly strayed away from the rest of her crew that day, 9-29-09; and was seemingly in her own world, and was looking for a nest. Well, by about 4:30 pm, Chaka decided to just quietly sit and release her first egg in front of the house.

I sat, watched, and waited, then picked the egg up while it was still warm. Being that she is of the Black Giant breed, I was surprised that her egg was quite smaller than Queens'.


  1. Wow those are definitely different they taste different? You might convince me into building a roost and getting a few hens!

  2. Chaka is a beauty, those eggs look so good. I love your blog. Make me a pound cake when you get about a dozen eggs. LOL. How do the eggs taste?

  3. Hi Ladies:
    I boiled and did a taste test with the eggs, and could not distinguish a real difference in taste between the eggs from the two chicken. I think that I might have imagined the slight difference. (I felt that boiling them was a better way to distinguish the flavor, because grease and pepper would have altered the true taste had I fried them. I only dabbed a little salt on the boiled eggs. I just can't stomach boiled eggs without some salt.)

    I did, however, notice a difference from the store eggs. My chicken eggs were more flavorful than the eggs that I used to buy, and the yolks had a much more deeper color and texture. Chaka and Queens' eggs had a more, for lack of a better term, gamey or farm taste.

    I feel pretty sure that their eggs are more healthier, as eggs from free range chicken are suppose to naturally be healthier....and as I raised them from week old babies, they've always been free range, and especially into my landscaping. LOL

  4. LOL on the poundcake Stormee. I might just try making one though. It would be nice to know how a cake would taste made from their eggs. My daughter usually cooks.