Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who picks a peck of pickled peppers; and who has bragging rights???

ONLY the first photo here on the plant is a pepper in my garden.

This is a story about how I thought that my garden grown peppers were kinda long until the neighbor brought some over that a co-worker had given her. Just take a look and tell me if I can brag about mine or not !!!

All peppers below were given to me. Dig the unique shapes.

My larger ones are about 3 inches, oh but lookee at what the neighbor brought.


  1. I'm curious what you plan on making with your peppers....any ideas?

  2. Those are some big peppers. Like the curly ones.

  3. you grew of course you can brag about them...there are many people who don't even try which leaves you much to brag about in my opinion!!!

  4. Hi guys, and thanks for responding.
    Theresa, I've been eating one per day, and I gave a few to family.

    Ann, I also found the curly one to have a unique shape.

    Allotment, thanks for the vote of confidence. This was my first try at the long green ones. I usually only plant bell peppers. Will show photos of the bell peppers in upcoming post. They, and my entire garden have grown so slowly, and none at all this year. They are still so tiny.

  5. Congrats on the gorgeous veggies!

  6. Thanks Marlaine. I wish that more of the seeds that I planted had produced.

  7. Very cool peppers! ARe they very hot?