Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In re an inquiry about the size of my okra

Lucky me for keeping records of almost everything. After the inquiry about the size of my okra, it wasn't difficult to find the answer to poster, Timeless Beauty's question.

I kept the empty seed packages for all of the vegetables that I planted in my garden this spring. Even though most didn't grow well, I know exactly what I planted and where. I have a map that I didn't post here, showing what went where. Even though when I did the planting, I had never imagined that I would have finally set up my blog, and that someone would inquire about one of my plantings. I love the inquiry, makes me feel like a real gardener. LOL

As shown in the photo, this particular okra grew to about 4 inches. (or 3 inches if you don't count the stem). I pull them before they grow too large and become hard. (Some are smaller when pulled, however, as is shown in the previous post.) The variety is Clemson spineless. I don't know if you are able to read the info on the back of the package, but it says 'best when pods are 4 to 5 inches long. It, also, states that they grow to 7-8 inches long. I would imagine that they would be too hard by then.


  1. Clemson spineless okras are the same variety found in the Southeast. I live in the Philippines. I didn't know you have to harvest the okra early. I guess they taste better when they are newly ripe.

    But then, we do not mind much whether it's too mature and hard. We mix okra and other veggies with our local dishes. The cooking will soften the hardest okra.

  2. Hi Timeless:
    Yes, my experience with this okra has been that it hardens if I allow it to grow to much. I don't know if it's the soil or what.

    Perhaps you have a better cooking method than what I'm used to. Hard okra is very tough to chew, in my experience, whether boiled or fried. It's kinda like cooking an old tough rooster. LOL

    I've never tasted Philipino food, but have had lots of Asian Indian and Arab food. My gosh, it is sooooooo delicious. My ex-husband is Indian, and an excellent cook. He usually slices the okra straight down the middle and adds the spices. I had never tasted such GOOD okra.

    My southern version with the black eyed peas is good, but those Indian spices gave okra a whole new universe. LOL

  3. I knew that the word "Filipino" looked strange in my earlier post. Oops. I found the proper spelling.