Saturday, October 17, 2009

There's no place like home
Hand Quilted Wallhanging
Wall Applique Landscape
House Art Quilt

This is for sale on the handmade site called ETSY. Click here to view the complete description and/or purchase this lovely landscape quilt.

~~This quilt is apprx. 24 x 18 inches (60.96 cm x 45.72 cm)~~

This is a pretty and unique, and one of a kind new landscape appliqued wallhanging quilt that I made using my own imagination. I hand appliqued most of the components on this gorgeous gem. Notice the mailbox, near the driveway, at the lower corner; just as in real life.


  1. That is really nice, lots of work involved there. It would take me forever to make something like that.

  2. Thanks ladies. Yes, I did put a lot of planning and work into this landscape quilt. This is just the second landscape that I've made.

    I've always admired landscape quilts made by others, and have for a long time been wanting to try the technique.

  3. Adore the landscape quilt; so lovely and unique