Friday, October 9, 2009

I smiled as I passed the egg section while shopping yesterday.

Yes, with my babies giving me the freshest eggs on the planet, I can say goodbye to store eggs for a while. Two of the six are laying steadily. A third is laying soft shelled; will be glad when she learns the trick of the trade and hardens up.
(The white egg is the last of my store bought eggs)

The beads have no connection to the eggs; just thought they looked cute together.

And this is all that I collected from my FARM/garden today. The egg was laid about 2 hours ago from this posting. I pulled the okra about an hour ago. This is as fresh as you can get.


  1. Ah, I am envious, I apologize. One day I would like to figure out time to grow veggies again.

  2. What a great start! I wish I could bypass the egg section of the store. Luckily for me...I don't eat a lot of eggs. But I do know that fresh eggs are much tastier.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments ladies. My disappointment is that the white egg that I photoed in the carton just yesterday is now gone.

    I didn't tell my daughter that I was planning to boil it and do a comparison of the yolk of it and my babies. It's now in someones' tummy, she cooked it this evening. Oh well!!!

  4. What variety is your okra? They seem too small from the type I usually buy from the market.

  5. Hi Timeless beauty, in re your inquiry, I measured the okra and found the seeds package. The info is posted in a new post above.