Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fancy lays her first egg.

Well it finally happened. Ms. Fancy decided to become a grown up mom and give her mommy, me, an egg.

She laid it on
Monday Oct. 26, 2009.

She's a proud new mom.
I noticed that she was following the pattern of the others when they were about to lay their first egg; wandering by themselves. I then noticed her sitting on the nest for about an hour or more. By the time the newborn was delivered, it was to dark to photo, but I got a great picture today. These are her first photos after becoming a new "mom".


  1. Aww, Congrats Fancy. She's cute.

  2. Good for Fancy! She's a pretty girl:)

    (I don't think I've ever called a chicken "pretty" before).


  3. Congratulations! She's a beauty hehe. Forgive my ignorance... I've never seen white hen before. All I've seen are the brown ones.

  4. Congrats.....she sure is a lovely hen. :-)

  5. Way to go Fancy. She's very pretty too

  6. Thanks for all of your lovely comments. I love getting great comments.

    All of my hens are different colors; except the two reddish ones, but they are different shades. They are all different breeds.

  7. She is pretty. Congratulations on the new baby... uh, egg! :)

  8. Thanks Petula.

    "Congratulations on the new baby... uh, egg! :)"

    Sooo funny.