Sunday, October 4, 2009

Have you ever eaten RAW OKRA ???

(I will be showing other goodies from my garden in my next post)

Well, I never had until last night. Somehow the thought occurred in my mind to sample it, so I did. The flavor is surprisingly sweet and not bad at all. A little slimy, but that's the makeup of okra. Take a look at my okra photos.

I grew a row in my garden, and have been enjoying the few that did produce. Last night I made black eyed peas, and used the ones in the photos in the peas. I've always loved peas with okra. Some of my family doesn't like it that way because the slimminess is more pronounced than when okra is fried.

Can you spot the okra in the photo below ??

What's the red in the photo? Try taking a guess.

Whole okra, and headless/tail-less okra. My family always cuts the heads and tips before cooking. You've probably noticed that the store packs usually contain the heads and tails (well the packs that I've purchased does).


  1. Thank you for following my site...I am now following yours and will be sure to keep up with you site. Happy Blogging! :)

  2. i okra too! i also eat it raw, with a little vinegar and salt.

  3. Hi!
    I haven't tried eating them raw. When cooked I find them a little 'slimy' :)
    I love the purse at the top of your blog. It's beautiful!

  4. I think I mostly remember them from a soup, but cannot remember what. I do know I asked my grandmother to make me some and found they were very slimy.

  5. Thanks for the most welcomed okra comments you guys. I'll have to try it with vinegar and salt.

    Catherine, thanks so much for following me.

  6. hey just happened to stop by and enjoyed spending some time here, and checked out your website and etsy store! Okra is probably the only food I really can't eat. haha! it's just too slimy for my taste, although one of my best friends keeps telling me that she makes it really good!

  7. Thanks Victoria for enjoying your blog time with me, and for vititing my website and Etsy store.
    I grew up eating okra, hence the acquired taste.

    Thanks Duni for your lovely compliment on my purse. For anyone interesing in purchasing it, is for sale on my website. The photo clicks to my website.

  8. I love the color of the egg in contrast tot he Okra. It would make for a nice spring bracelet. Also the color of the blossom is really inspiring. Lemon color bead with a deep red or even a purple mix that would be a very stunning necklace. Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. The header of this post grabbed me. Because of its sliminess, that no other veggie seems to come close to, I have a complete and utter aversion to consuming it! Maybe if I someday get it in the right mix with something else, I'll be able to handle eating okra! :)

  10. My husband would love that okra. I like the name of your blog.

  11. Thanks Zafiro80 for your jewelry interpretation of the okra and the egg. The colors do contrast well.

    Hi Lynda, have you tried fried okra? -it's less slimy. I grew up with the stuff, and just love it anyway that it's cooked.

    Thanks Stormee in re my blogs' name, and yeaaahhhh for your husband, finally another one who likes okra. Our second poster, Naomi, also, likes it raw, with a little vinegar and salt.